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Stop Dreading Sunday Nights

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Stop Dreading Sunday Nights Webinar

Do you feel a sense of dread on Sunday nights when you think about returning to work?  Do you experience the Monday blues?  In this FREE webinar you will learn three strategies to get more excited about your job and start on your path to greater career fulfillment.


What you’ll learn:
Strategy #1: Name and Claim Your Greatness
Strategy #2: Control What You Can
Strategy #3: Reevaluate Your Priorities


Webinar Information

All webinars will take place via zoom and require registration.


Everyone deserves work they will love and Mandy Nycz will take you through this 60-minute webinar designed to help you take the first steps to get there.  Reasons to attend:

  • You’re tired of the feeling you get Sunday nights or Monday mornings because you don’t want to go to work.
  • You want to love your job, but you don’t and you don’t know what steps to take.
  • You know you are capable of more in your work but are unsure of how to get there.


Hope to see you there!

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