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Thank you for all the work you have done with me the past year plus. I have learned so much and most importantly, I recognize strengths/weaknesses/character traits about myself that help me make decisions and be a better teammate. I am more confident and I am able to articulate what I want in my future (and don’t want!). I definitely wasn’t able to do that before taking the Leadership Development program and our coaching sessions. Thank you so much!"

Danielle Grant
Client Account Manager  |  Breakthrough

It’s been just the best experience. Mandy is someone who’s high on my list of mentors and people that I know I can turn to when I have questions. She always gives me very honest feedback, whether I want to hear it or not. That honesty is so important. She has made a really big impact on my professional career.

Sara Romenesko
Career Coaching Client

Deb and Terri take a vested interest in getting to know you as an individual and are so good at seeing the things that you as a coachee don’t see. They're great at pointing out and bringing blind spots to the forefront. They help you learn about who you are as an individual in ways you don't necessarily always think about, and then they help guide you through changing those things.

Chris Winiecki
Director of Technical Services  |  Walbec Group

I have worked with Mandy and Terri, who both have an uncanny ability to connect and a significant amount of insight into people's behavior. Their unique skill sets complement each other very well, which enabled my team to develop in different ways. They also have very practical advice that can be easily implemented in real life.

Collette Schmid, MD
Prevea Health

It was like going to a chiropractor when you don't even know you're out of alignment. It's just that it's time to go. But you go to the chiropractor, and you leave, and you're like, ‘Oh my god, I didn't realize how bad my back was jacked up. I feel awesome right now.’ You just kind of become desensitized to the pain or the discomfort or whatever it is. That was like a lot of our sessions where I didn't even realize I needed an adjustment. Then when I left, I felt reenergized with my batteries fully charged, and I didn't even know I needed to charge."

Matt Valiquette
Program Operations Manager  |  Bay Area Workforce Development Board

I’ve dealt with many consultants in my career. Most come with a single bag of tricks, and once those tricks are exhausted, you need to move on to the next consultant. What I‘ve found with Terri is that she's very deep and thoughtful, and the bag of tricks analogy isn't applicable. Terri really considers the individual person and tailors a coaching strategy around their unique needs.

Kurt Bechthold
Chairman and CEO  |  Walbec Group

Terri understands how our experiences form our character and transparently shares her own story. She epitomizes the humility needed for character development. Because she's been on that path ahead of you, it makes her effective in both organizational development and individual coaching.

Mark Thompson
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Governors  |  Riverbridge Partners

Working with Terri has helped generate self-awareness of my own leadership style. It's helped me understand how I interact with other team members, other leaders, and how to create more effective ways to communicate with them. I get excited for our meetings, and I leave learning new things about myself. I've had several epiphany moments where I have had a discovery of self and there's no turning back — it changes you and leaves you feeling elevated as an individual. Inspired Training has helped me achieve my best self.

Jenny Vander Zanden
COO  |  Breakthrough

Working with Terri Jacke and her team at Inspired Training Institute has generated an enormous return on our investment of time and resources. Terri has not only helped me personally but is facilitating our firm to develop the next generation of leaders within our organization.

Rick D. Moulton, CFA
Lead Portfolio Manager  |  Riverbridge Partners

Some previous consultants followed a rigid ‘cookbook’ recipe for improved team dynamics: Terri does not — rather, she adjusts her training sessions to the emerging team growth. Other consultants attempt to achieve improved teamwork through shock: Again, Terri does not — instead, she assures all participants are engaged and invested in the desired outcome.

John F. Cannon
Vice President — Engineering  |  Brenner Tank LLC

The Workplace Engagement event was definitely one of the best events I offered at WITC. The program was powerful and engaging. Terri Jacke was an AWESOME facilitator! She took the time to plan every detail for an interactive and fun day!

Dori Marty
Associate Dean  |  WITC-New Richmond

I want to thank you for your professional and inspiring coaching sessions that I personally experienced. I have been involved in numerous types of personal development programs throughout my career, and this was by far the most impactful training for me both professionally and personally.

I have done the Myers-Briggs Test several times before, but never to the depth and understanding that I have experienced as a member of our Senior Leadership Team. This level of understanding has enhanced our ability to focus on individual’s strengths…allowing for appropriate organizational structure and strategic goals to be achieved within the organization.

The Inspired Training team has been instrumental in changing the culture of our organization for the better.

Kevin Gannon
Vice President  |  Northeast Asphalt, Inc.

I want to thank you for all of the guidance that you have given me, Terri. You have helped mold me into a better employee, wife and mom. You have truly been an inspiration in my life, and I hope that you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me.

Kelly B.
Leadership Coaching Client  |  Healthcare Industry

Mandy gave me the tools I needed to get noticed by employers and to be successful. I felt more confident in my work and with my preparation for my interviews. Our meetings really helped me focus in on what I wanted to do in my professional life and that was incredibly helpful to me.

She took the time to get to know me and I really appreciate that. I also enjoyed our time working with the assessments to help me get a better understanding of how I think and what motivates me.

Before our work together I felt like I was throwing everything except the kitchen sink at my job search – but after a couple meetings with Mandy I felt like my job search was more targeted and more productive.

Will J.
Career Coaching Client

Inspired Training Institute, Inc. has been an invaluable resource for us. We have become a better company knowing whom we are and how we should communicate to each other based on personality profiles. Each department has become enlightened on how change effects our business as a whole by completing the mapping of our processes.

Patrick J. Curran
President/Owner  |  Straight Shot Express

Terri's understanding of the subject matter is astounding. This knowledge, combined with her outgoing personality, has helped develop a committed relationship with a federal organization very eager to assist our company in providing a state-of-the-art Astronaut Training program.

George D. French
President  |  Rocketplane Limited, Inc.