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Our New Blog!

A Funny Thing Happened…

In the April issue of our newsletter, we wrote about Authenticity. A funny thing happened after we distributed that issue. We realized that our newsletter – an initiative that had started only 7 months earlier– did not represent our team authentically. It wasn’t “us.”

Our goal was, and is, to stay connected with our clients and community, and to share information and resources that might be useful to you. But, somehow, in a short amount of time, the formal newsletter format began to feel contrived.

So, we are adjusting our connection vehicle to a format that better suits us and our style. Our newsletter – RIP – was a worthy endeavor that offered us greater clarity into our connection objectives. (After 18 years in business, we are still actively enjoying the process of self-discovery – how fun is that?!)

Goodbye newsletter, and hello blog!

We are coaches. And, we love what we do. Thus, our blog will be an online journal, of sorts, where we share fascinating stories we uncover naturally through our work, as well as noteworthy people-development and organizational-development experiences that might inspire you. You are welcome – in fact, encouraged – to comment online or to follow up with us about blog posts that interest you when we see you next.

In the spirit of our team’s ongoing learning and self-discovery, specifically throughout the pandemic, I will close this inaugural blog post with a quick congratulations to Mandy for completing her ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification and to Deb for completing the Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass. Oh, and a little pat on my own back for completing The Art of Spiritual Companioning certificate program.

To all of us who used the “pause” of the pandemic to experiment with novel business endeavors, gain new skills, or offload things that no longer serve us, yay us!

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