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What You Can Learn from a Lousy Job and When to Leave

March 24, 2021

Nearly every working adult can tell you about a lousy job they have held at some point in their careers. Their stories include a wide range of incompetent leaders, difficult…

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Turning Your Job into Your Personal Development Academy

February 19, 2021

“What can you do to make this job into a personal development opportunity?” I asked. Before she could respond, I went on to explain that Kathy could convert the sources…

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Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me? | One of 30 Inspiring Books Worth adding to your Reading List

November 3, 2020

Looking for a new book to read? Terri Jacke’s Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me? has been added to a list of 30 Inspiring Books Worth reading,…

Is this a Lousy Job or is it Me?

Character: The Secret to Impactful Leadership

October 15, 2020

You are in a visible position at the top of your organization. Your leadership is critical to the success of the company, but you’ve faced an uncomfortable reality: You’re incapable…


A Secret Path To Success |

October 13, 2020

When I was in my twenties, I endured an especially cruel boss while working at a law firm near Atlanta. I also experienced harassment from a female co-worker who was…

Is this a Lousy Job or is it Me?

The Right Foundation for Your Career Advancement Strategy

September 23, 2020

Several years ago I was invited to coach a competitive healthcare executive who wanted to be the best healthcare CEO in the region. I’ll refer to him as Bob. Confident…