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When I was in my twenties, I endured an especially cruel boss while working at a law firm near Atlanta. I also experienced harassment from a female co-worker who was 20-years my senior while working at a manufacturing plant in the Midwest. In my thirties, a difficult leader denied me a reasonable pay increase and, later, I was disillusioned by the behaviors of seemingly entitled employees. In my forties, I suffered the mighty wrath of a toxic coworker. It certainly sounds like I was tortured and lived to tell the tale. To be honest, there were moments when I thought that was the case, and I felt like I was living through an endurance contest! I sometimes speculated that each of the individuals involved in those situations stood in the way of any fulfillment I hoped to achieve from my hard work. Worse yet, they were obstacles to my success. As satisfying as it was to blame others for my frustrations, something deep inside told me that I was missing a larger and more significant understanding of those events. I was nearly fifty years old before that realization crystalized for me…


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