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The Workplace Engagement event was definitely one of the best events I offered at WITC. The program was powerful and engaging. Terri Jacke was an AWESOME facilitator! She took the time to plan every detail for an interactive and fun day! The alumni players, Chris Jacke, Darrell Thompson, and George Koonce, were honest, entertaining, and approachable. They spoke from the heart and were welcoming to all of the participants. I am looking forward to working with Chris and Terri Jacke again!

Dori Marty
Associate Dean
WITC-New Richmond

Thank you, Mandy, for all of your help and guidance that you provided in this [career coaching] process. You gave me the tools I needed to get noticed by employers and to be successful. I felt more confident in my work and with my preparation for my interviews. Our meetings really helped me focus in on what I wanted to do in my professional life and that was incredibly helpful to me. Thank you so much for all of your work!

You took the time to get to know me and I really appreciate that. I also enjoyed our time working with the assessments to help me get a better understanding of how I think and what motivates me.

Before our work together I felt like I was throwing everything except the kitchen sink at my job search - but after a couple meetings with you I felt like my job search was more targeted and more productive.

Will J.
Career Coaching Client

I am writing you to let you know how satisfied I was, and more importantly my team of leaders was, with the training Kristi provided from your Leaderhood series. The event was tailored to both our needs and timeline.

John E. Leonardi
Foth Production Solutions, LLC

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Terri's coaching led to the building of trust among the senior leaders and myself helping us to successfully deal with many of the challenges NorthReach faced as the result of the drasitc changes taking place in healthcare. Not only did Terri's work improve the performance and execution of the senior leadership team but we were able to successfully transition Terri's approach to our working with and mentoring the front line leaders of the organization.

Bob Barber
CEO / President
RMK Group

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Some previous consultants followed a rigid "cookbook" recipe for improved team dynamics: Terri does not — rather, she adjusts her training sessions to the emerging team growth. Other consultants attempt to achieve improved teamwork through shock: Again, Terri does not — instead, she assures all participants are engaged and invested in the desired outcome.

John F. Cannon
Vice President — Engineering
Brenner Tank LLC

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I want to thank you for all of the guidance that you have given me, Terri. You have helped mold me into a better employee, wife and mom. You have truly been an inspiration in my life, and I hope that you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me.

Kelly B.
Leadership Coaching Client
Healthcare Industry.

I kept meaning to get in touch with you to let you know how well my presentation went with our Board of Directors. The presentation was changed at the last minute...but I still used the same concept. They understood what I was trying to say!!!!

Leanne Burton
Sales Manager
Great Lakes Calcium Corporation

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Inspired Training did a fantastic job in developing these professional training materials. They were conscientious, detailed and dedicated in completing this task on time to support our line start-up and were very flexible with their time, setting their schedule to match Ahlstrom's needs.

Will Perry
Director of Engineering
Ahlstrom Nonwovens LLC

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The first time I really got to see Terri's consulting skills in action was throughout the summer of 2010. During that time, Terri lead our Executive Team through what she refers to as a "guided facilitation" process to help us define our strategy, executive roles, and the appropriate structure for Faith going forward. Terri has a keen ability to help identify the real issues facing a team, and she is able to separate the emotions in order to help teams deal with the business reality before them.

Michael J. Jansen
Faith Technologies

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I highly recomment Inspired Training Institute as an organizational development partner to companies in need of defining processes and implementing change within their organization.

Steven R. Schuchart
Director Human Resources

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Terri and Kristi are pleasant to work with and truly effective training professionals. I highly recommend their services to other leaders who are contemplating an investment in their organization through impactful training programs.

Rustin Keller
Sr. Internet Products Manager
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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Once again the class on their evaluations rated the day very highly. Your presentation always makes the light bulbs go off when people consider working relationships with those of another generation. You do a terrific job Terri and I do appreciate your involvement with our program.

Jeanne Agneessons
Program Manager
Leadership Green Bay

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I highly recommend that any company interested in growing their business, developing employees and creating a powerful, engaged workplace work with Inspired Training Institute to put the right tools in place.

Paul Linzmeyer
Bay Towel, Inc.

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Overall, I found this to be some of the most comprehensive and insightful training I have received over my years.

Cathy Kirwood

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This was a wonderful day for our leaders - a shot in the arm. The training provided them with tools, self-assessment and direction. It helped solidify a 'we' perspective in terms of problem solving. Terri is a terrific resource and I can't wait to schedule the next session with her.

Jim Herbert
Human Resource Business Partner
Schneider Payment Services

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I highly recommend Terri's organizational design, learning and executive team coaching to organizations going through leadership transitions, carving out a new vision, or just seeking to achieve their unfulfilled potential.

Roland G Stephenson
Faith Technologies, Inc.

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Terri's understanding of the subject matter is astounding. This knowledge, combined with her outgoing personality, has helped develop a committed relationship with a federal organization very eager to assist our company in providing a state of the art Astronaut Training program.

George D. French
Rocketplane Limited, Inc.

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Inspired Training Institute, Inc. has been an invaluable resource for us. We have become a better company knowing whom we are and how we should communicate to each other based on personality profiles. Each department has become enlightened on how change effects our business as a whole by completing the mapping of our processes.

Patrick J. Curran
Straight Shot Express

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