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We are Your Workplace Learning and Development Experts.

WELCOME to Inspired Training Institute. It is our mission to inspire excellence through results-oriented consultation services that align organizations for success. For more than 15 years we have worked with local and national companies to revive spirit in the workplace through learning and to achieve proven results. Our services:

  • Engage individuals and teams in their development, their roles and responsibilities, and their organizations with renewed energy.
  • Enlighten participants about one another, their organizations, and themselves.
  • Inspire the clarity, courage, and motivation necessary to make adjustments for achieving and sustaining peak performance.

Inspired Training has engaged, enlightened, and inspired organizations throughout Northeast Wisconsin and the U.S. By utilizing our 3R Modelâ„¢ we tailor our workshops, coaching, and consultation services to simultaneously align the goals of your organization with its individual members to ensure maximum results. Our exclusive 3R Model ensures that desired results are aligned with and directly connected to our work at all times.

to learn how we can inspire excellence within your organization.